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I was born in Alexandria, Louisiana in 1994. I grew up in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas. I am happily married and we have a beautiful daughter, Adeline.

I have always been a wild spirit with a gypsy soul. I have dreamed of seeing the whole world since I was a young child. I now assist and travel with a wonderful Photograper, who has taught me so much and taken me around the world.


I was once told by an amazing friend that you have two choices in life. To live in a beautiful home with a white picket fence and a facade of a perfect family or do whatever makes you happy no matter how you appear to others or the controversy it stirs. 

I now have the amazing opportunity to explore not only all of the U.S with my daughter, but the whole world. Here are our photos, videos and stories. 


 From one wild heart to another,


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